Amazon mechanical turk

Amazon Mechanical turk gives threads of jobs that you simply click on to accept the jobs you want to do. The jobs are posted by companies and other people just like you who needs jobs done on an intellectual level that a computer isn’t able to do. This is where you come in. You perform “Hit” assigned in the descriptions listed on each job and the person who is posted the job will either approve or deny your work. Some job posters offer higher pay than others. the jobs are easy but most often the pay is not worth the time. very low pay and it is pretty hard to get approved for the higher paying jobs. I’d say pass on Amazon Mechanical turk.


This is a screen shot of my account on mturk. I did 18 hits and was approved for all of them. I only made 0.79 cents. It was hardly worth the time.1

This is the hitscaptureimage

If you are still interested in mturk here is the link:


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