Why linking is Important for passive income online

While there are numerous  ways to sell products, I have seen many times where I had seen the product with a great sells pitch but found that I had no clue as to how to find the product because the seller neglected to provide the link or simply neglected providing instructions as to where they had put the link. This as a customer left me on Google search where I was able to find all competitor of the product but I had never found the product from the ad where I had initially discovered the product.  This is insane!!! don’t leave your customers to your competitors.

With these basic tips, you should increase your chances of getting your Item sold greatly.

No matter how great your advertisement pitch is, Linking your product in the descriptions and instructing to follow the link is a must so that you do not leave the customer to your competitors.

Readability is as important as your link is. Make sure your link is not hidden within the text. Allow spacing between paragraphs and preferably place the link at the beginning or after three or four words that can say. “This is the link”.

Apart from Linking and Readability location is a must. Link your product in High-level traffic on social media. Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Blogs. are all great places where you will get noticed by millions.




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