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Everyone likes free stuff. Well, I have compiled a list of free stuff I have found online. Some of the things I have found can help you with Education, Businesses, adding a little glam to your life. All sites I have personally used myself and would love to share with everyone. Because, well, My mind was blown when I discovered them.

1. is a site that allows it’s users to take online courses for free, you can even display your completion certification on your Alison profile or purchase the certification from their shop. What a great way to learn a course, and show off what you know.

2. Is a niche website where writers can publish Articles, Gain recognition, Learn Marketing, Earn money based on how much traffic you drive to your work, compete in competitions, Sounds so good, and absolutely free.

3. Are you an artist? Well, Head to threadless and start your own Artist shop where you sell your art on a physical product from your very own Artist shop. Coffee mugs, blankets, shirts and so many other products and the best part of this is it is free to sign up and start selling once you have uploaded your work and choose the product you wish to sell your art on.

4. Have you always dreamed of getting your book published? want your work copyrighted? head to a self-publishing website. you can go global with lulus global distributor where you will be listed in all megabanks and your book will be sold on all approved major online book retailers website such as barns and noble. The best part it that is cost you nothing to publish or go global only the fee of buying your own book. which the price of the book is of your choice. If you need a proofreader head over to where you can search keyword proofreader and get your work proofread for five bucks instead of well, $500.

Other publishers that are not free:

Xlibris Publishing 888 795 4274 extension 7339. I’m available Monday-Friday 11AM to 8 PM EDT.

5. Go to the search bar, type free, purchase free item pay shipping and handling wait a year for it, Just kidding, look for it every day in the mail, wonder when it is going to show up, become angry, wonder how to get a refund, It finally shows up and it is the happiest day of your f-n life. the wait is around two unbearable weeks.

6. You always dreamed of having a sugar daddy but all of your Facebook guy friends never quite fit the bill, literally, Try seeking and become Some Guys sugar baby today and stop looking thirsty on Facebook.

7. Matthew Hussey, Ladies do you need dating advice? Follow Matthew Hussey on youtube and join his newsletter. It’s free, Informative and he is attractive.

8. Become an ordained minister to perform marriages, funerals or start your own church.


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